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Important facts surrounding waterproof flooring

There are many reasons that make waterproof flooring important to homeowners, not the least of which is the infinite peace of mind that comes from knowing your floors are completely protected against water damage. Another important characteristic of these floors is that they are able to blend in with decor motifs of every kind. Options for this product line are available and ready for personalization in the areas of appearance, functionality, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Suncrest Supply knows that flooring should be both gorgeous and durable, but it should also be accessible to every homeowner. That’s why the selection of flooring we carry is of the highest quality, yet very affordable at every level. From our showroom in Riviera Beach, FL, we serve the areas of Riviera Beach, Singer Island, Lake Park, and Palm Beach. Our service experts and flooring personnel are standing by to help you find exactly what you need in products and services and we look forward to the opportunity to assist you today.

Waterproof flooring is worth it

Some homeowners will frown at the idea of spending the extra money upfront for this product line, but the benefits once explained, can easily change their minds. For instance, it’s true a water emergency may never happen. But when and if it does, the cost to replace one or more rooms of flooring, especially if it was only recently installed, will far surpass the extra upfront cost of the protection to prevent that scenario in the first place.
Waterproof flooring in Riviera Beach, FL from Suncrest Supply
Furthermore, every home carries the possibility of water damage. Old homes with questionable plumbing are a good example. If the home contains older appliances that could possibly malfunction, the danger is entirely possible. And further still, storm damage, leaving a window open absentmindedly, or having pets or children that could create spills are all reasons a homeowner should protect themselves from the start.

Waterproof flooring offers a stunning array of appearance options as well. The homeowner will be able to choose from a variety of materials including natural stone, ceramic & porcelain tile, and luxury vinyl flooring, which offers the possibility of matching any decor scheme they might have in place. At the same time, they can have the look of many natural materials without the time spent on installation and special maintenance.

Overall, waterproof flooring and WPC (wood plastic composite) flooring just make sense. It’s far easier to be prepared for those water emergencies, in case they do happen.

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