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Profile Reference Sheet

Stair Nosing

A completing piece connected to the forward edge of stairs, step-downs and landings, making an adjusted quality completion. Simply put, a steps nose is the outside corner formed by the horizontal and vertical planes.

Reducer Strip

The transitional piece used to connect laminate with another type of flooring. Such as vinyl, thin laminate tile or low-pile carpeting.

Quarter Round

It covers the uneven edge as flooring meets the baseboard. Often the base shoe (Quarter Round) is molded or shaped into the baseboard itself negating the need for any additional joints. Quarter round is typically sold in various materials such as natural hardwood, engineered hardwood and laminate.

Threshold & Baby Threshold

Usually included at sliding door areas where expansion is needed. Can also be used to transition to carpet.


The moulding is used mostly between tiled surfaces and wood floors. Also used for connecting to existing wood floors.