Tile Facts

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If you think you know everything there is to know about porcelain tile, think again. Porcelain tile certainly isn’t new to homeowners and builders as it’s been used for decades. However, thanks to new manufacturing processes, updated porcelain tiles are beginning to get attention but are still virtually unknown to most buyers.

Gone are the standard 4-by-4 inch square bath tiles. The new porcelain tiles being manufactured are staggering in size (up to 5-feet-by-11-feet) and can be fabricated as thin as 1/8″ thick up to 3/4″ thick. They can also be used indoors or outdoors since they absorb almost no water and do not crack in extreme temperatures as long as the tile is installed properly. In addition to being cold and heat resistant, these supersize tiles are both scratch and stain resistant. So, go ahead and spill a glass of red wine; you can still clean it up tomorrow. The surface finishes can vary from a soft, smooth matte to a high gloss. The finished feel of the tile can be super smooth, distressed, slightly irregular or nubby.

Best part of these new tiles? No maintenance. Thanks to revolutionary manufacturing techniques, this new generation of porcelain tile has breathed new life into a traditional but practical product used in residences for decades. It’s still called tile but it looks nothing like the porcelain of yesteryear. Some people may not realize they are looking at porcelain tile; even the experts have been fooled.

  • Porcelain tile is water resistant
  • Porcelain tile is environmentally friendly
  • Porcelain tile is fade resistant
  • Porcelain tile is fire resistant
  • Porcelain tile is resistant to germs and bacteria
  • Porcelain tile is durable
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